The truly transparent and predictable work of the artificial intelligence being created can significantly improve the quality of human life, as well as its safety. In our opinion, the self-awareness of artificial intelligence is achievable only if it is independent in making any decision.

We present three basic laws of…

Traditional mathematical logic is “what follows from what”.

Sense logic — “what belongs to what”.

Traditional mathematical logic is “a collection of abstract objects not related to the outside world.”

Sense logic is “a set of objects and events that describe the state of the real world.”

Below, we present a new paradigm of logic based on semantic connections between the considered objects of any nature. The Sense Logic is not a part of traditional mathematics. Its main task is to describe the phenomena of the real world from the standpoint of their semantic coherence.

Due to the use of special characters, please see the pdf file.

A purely sense-to-sense connection between two arbitrary objects would allow trillions of other objects to be associated with each other by their specific sense. The main benefit of the sense connection is still lost if an object of certain nature does not still have a property’s association to even a…

Any complex mathematical or physical problem can be solved easier if it is broken down into several less complex problems. A similar situation occurs when it is necessary to determine the meaning of big data or several meanings of individual data blocks. …

As a good try, we took liberty for formula derivation that would allow describing many physical phenomena. In Nature, we face many situations when a single magnitude is a reason for drastic changes in the whole physical process. …

[P-S Standard]

Egger Mielberg


Like each neuron of the human brain may be connected to up to 10,000 other neurons, passing signals to each other via as many as 1,000 trillion synaptic connections, in Sense Theory there is a possibility for connecting over 1,000 trillion heterogeneous objects. An…

Egger Mielberg


In an attempt to create a theory for describing such a human phenomenon as a possibility to self-learning, we need to create an instrument for dynamic modeling of sense-to-sense (S2S) [3] associations between heterogeneous objects. This instrument would help understand the nature of the cause-to-effect relationship…


Sense-To-Sense Internet (

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