Crypto Bank. Possibilities.

  • Banks. Current Problems.

Possible options for clients.

In context of this article new options mean a creation of intellectual business sphere — «IntellSphere» (Intellectual Sphere).

Crypto IntellSphere is an user business space where the level of possibilities of its users are determined by a single main indicator — «Degree of User Activity».

Characteristics of IntellSphere:

«Equality of Users»

In other words, IntellSphere gives equal possibilities to earn as for an expert as for a newbie.

The single difference between the expert and newbie in terms of earnings is that an user who has more hours of IntellSphere activity will be paid by a higher rate. In our case, the experienced user (expert) means an user who has done some series of jobs in IntellSphere.

«Independence of Users»

There are no limits for choosing and executing any jobs of any kind. Thus, as an expert as a newbie will be able to do what whey want to do.

«Confidentiality of User Data»

In IntellSphere none of its users can make a request for personal data (PD) of other user. However, a number of requests that isn’t related to personal data can be formed and exchanged between the users of IntellSphere. For example, if a user of IntellSphere decides to post a calculation task he or she can recruit some number of other users for its execution.

For recruiting a job request should be formed. Initially there are two types of the job request: «unicast job request» and «broadcast job request».

In case of the unicast job request, the job request is sent to one specific user of IntellSphere.

In case of the broadcast job request, the job request is sent to all the users of IntellSphere, in parallel.

Special terms are applied for broadcast job request. Any user of IntellSphere who will first get the posted task done will be considered as a single executor of the task.

As mentioned earlier the level of possibilities for the users of IntellSphere is exclusively determined by their degree of activity.

IntellSphere solves practically all the problems that were described in the first article «Banks. Current Problems», namely:

1. «Accessibility».

Everyone worldwide is eligible for registration in IntellSphere and can choose any kind of job that complies with his or her skills and expectations.

«Accessibility» means the absence of any political, economical or other barriers for the users of IntellSphere. In other words, it is totally up to the user of IntellSphere whether or not to be a part of IntellSphere.

2. «Transparency».

Degree of Transparency is exclusively determined by desire of the user of IntellSphere.

For example, by disclosure of personal information an expert of IntellSphere can recruit some newbies for, say, a computational task.

3. «Reliability».

No one of IntellSphere has an access to personal information of any user of IntellSphere. It also doesn’t depend on as a user status (newbie or expert) as a degree of user activity.

4. «Opportunity to earn money».

Crypto IntellSphere is a decentralized peer-to-peer business platform where each registered user can earn. One of the main goals of IntellSphere is to create a transparent and customizable layer between employer and employee at any business sphere. For example, one user, a lender, can be considered as an employer for the other user, borrower, etc.

For example, one of the users (newbies or experts) of IntellSphere posts some calculation job (task). In order to become an executor of that task the user doesn’t have to pass a long bureaucratic chain of stages which are used to have place in traditional economical system. Among them:

  1. resume (CV) composition.

All the user needs is to accept the posted job and do it ahead of other users of IntellSphere.

5. «Client’s financial support».

In IntellSphere there is a unique intellectual credit system that is radically different from the traditional bank credit system. The main differences:

  1. there is no need for collecting a pile of documents.

For the user there is only a single requirement for getting a needed sum of money is an appropriate (accepted by the other user, lender) level of skill. That is it.

6. «Storage of client’s personal data».

The user of IntellSphere has several variants for storing his or her as personal as other type of information. Below is shown two of possible variants.

Variant 1.

Variant 2.

At the first variant, the user itself chooses who of the users of IntellSphere will store its information.

At the second variant, the user chooses the other one who will in its turn choose a user (‘s) of IntellSphere who will store information.

7. «Possibility of restoration of client’s credit history».

In IntellSphere there is no such a notion as credit history. For instance, if a user-borrower doesn’t fulfill the duties of a smart contract he or she can not apply for another loan. But as soon as the user-borrower pays all debts off he or she will immediately be able to apply for any other loan type. Also, in case of consecutive loan application the user-borrower will have more chances to get money because of activity hours that he or she earned from the previous contract.

In other words, the status of the user-borrower is solely determined by the hours of activity in IntellSphere.

In conclusion of this article I would like to stop on a couple of important moments. First one, crypto industry should primarily focus on creation of equal and easy-of-access possibilities for anyone worldwide. Second one, mining process should not depend on energy resources (power of calculation cluster) as it will inevitably lead to direct monopoly of big investors, finally.

Crypto IntellSphere is capable of replacing all the traditional bank services and many other business services as well.

The level of possibilities for a user of IntellSphere is determined by only and exclusively a degree of user’s activity.

To be continued …




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